New Ideation Dive Alert Plus Version 2 Signaling Device - DV2 for the Oceanic Air XS, Aeris Air Link, Mares Air Control, SeaQuest AirSource 1 & 2, Apeks Octo Plus, Zeagle Octo Plus, Beauchat Venturi, & the U.S. Divers AquaLung Air Mic

  • Remember.... If the Divers owned one of these.... There wouldn't have been a movie!!!
  • Fits the following models....
    Oceanic Air XS
    Aeris Air Link
    Mares Air Control
    SeaQuest AirSource 1 & 2
    Apeks Octo Plus
    Zeagle Octo Plus
    Beauchat Venturi
    U.S. Divers AquaLung Air Mic
  • Brand: Ideations