New DPV Scooter Battery Charger for the Apollo AV-1 & the Dacor SV-900 Underwater Diver Proplusion Vehicle (DPV)

  • Electronic Push Button Controls.... Easy-to-feel switches for selection of charge rate or battery type
  • Sturdy, Built-In Handle.... Serves as convenient cord wrap and for easy portability
  • Microprocessor Controlled.... For precise monitoring and charging
  • Multi-Stage Automatic Charging.... Provides constant current for greater efficiency and less heat
  • Float-Mode Monitoring.... Helps maintain battery
  • Slim Profile.... Makes storage and hanging easy
  • High Impact Case.... Rust-proof and corrosion resistant
  • Electronic Push Button Controls.... Easy to feel switches for selection of charge rate or battery type
  • Easy to Read LED Indicator.... Displays battery charge status
  • 5-6 ft Power and Output Cords.... Combine for a 10-12 ft reach
  • Reverse Hook-Up Protection.... Checks the polarity of the connected battery and only starts charging if correctly connected
  • AC Power Compensation.... Works even if the electric power from the AC outlet is below normal
  • Short Circuit Protection.... For safe charging!!!
  • Also Fits Dacor SV-900
  • Brand: MyScubaShop