New Snorkeling Package with a Universal Navigator Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Mask (Blue), a Tilos Splash Purge Snorkel (Blue) & a pair of Trident Full Foot Fins (Cobalt Blue/Size 3-4/2X-Small) - Optional Prescription Lens are Available

  • Two-window design with bi-symmetrical lenses for easy installation of Prescription Lenses
  • Mask may be used "with" or "without" Prescription Lens
  • Integrated swivel buckles
  • Dual tempered glass lenses
  • Crystal silicone skirt and strap with low volume
  • Prescription Lens available for the "Universal Navigator" Mask
  • Prescription Lens are professionally installed and pressure tested for FREE when you purchase your "Universal Navigator" lens on the same order
  • Splash Snorkel is semi-dry design
  • Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve
  • Smooth bore flex tube
  • Adjustable mask strap retaining clip
  • Replaceable crystal silicone mouthpiece
  • Fins are extremely light weight
  • Ideal for travel
  • Evaprene composite material for increased performance & long life
  • Soft foot pockets
  • Full footed fins with power vents
  • Brand: Tilos
  • Color: Blue